We prepare school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.The academic curriculum in Sree Vaagdevi High School is designed to meet the needs of young children. Childhood is a period of rapid growth. Children need to nourish their developing mental abilities. It is during this time that children develop high order thinking skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, societal thinking and reflective thinking. Our curriculum is planned and developed to create such experiences for your child.

We follow CBSE syllabus from Nursery to 5th standard & SSC syllabus from 6th standard to 10th standard. Our teaching pattern gives ,giving students a wide range of options in their education and career.

Sree Vaagdevi High School provides high end facilities for its students including well ventilated and lighted digital classrooms, library, science and computer labs and play areas for sports and physical fitness activities.

IIT and medical foundation is provided at early age so that students can compete in today’s world. We also conduct SOF and Olympiads¬†Competitions¬†